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The Five Stages Of Time Management Evolution

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In 2001 I was sent on a Time Management course.

I was sent by a boss I didn't like and who didn't like me.

I went unwillingly and grudgingly and was determined not to enjoy the training.

It was one of the best days of my life.

I thought I'd be learning a few techniques about how to organise paperwork.

In reality I learned how to prioritise what's important in my world.

And. That. Changed. Everything.

Mind Blown!

Where Are You On The Scale?

We're all at different stages of how we go about using our time and back then I was clearly right at the start of the first stage in Time Management evolution, (a concept from the fabulous Chris Croft).

Your own approach will be defined to a degree by your awareness. So which of these stages best describes where you are right now?

All The World's A Stage

Stage 1 - everything is in your head – reacting to whatever is most urgent

Stage 2 – keeping lists so as to survive and remember jobs to do – just keeping up with the game

Stage 3 – using a diary to plan ahead and fit everything in – playing the game

Stage 4 – prioritising according to values and goals: giving more time to the important things – staying ahead of the game

Stage 5 – controlling your future by spending time in quadrant 2 (important but not yet urgent), avoiding problems which repeat, spending the maximum time on the things that matter, creating the life and results that you want. Making the rules of your own game!

Opportunity Knocks

Wherever you are in your Time Management evolution there's always an opportunity to improve. And any improvement will bring benefits directly to you.

Master Your Time

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